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About Sydney Brisbane

Optimized Humans By Sydney Brisbane

The concept of Optimized Humans came to Sydney, three key events happened in his life. The first was at the beginning of his wellness career in Miami, working for a nonaligned profit-first hormone clinic; the second was when he lost a close friend; and the third was finding his passion to help others live a more fulfilled life. That is how the concept of Optimized Humans was born.

Personal Trainer

Sydney and his team of certified coaches are ready to optimize your physique! Our coaches and wellness specialists work with you on achieving your physique transformation.


With a flexible approach to dieting sticking to a macronutrient split whereby healthy eating is a lifestyle and doesn't become a challenge.

Transformation Expert

Combining proper nutrition and targeted weight training with HIIT routines creating a total lifestyle approach to a healthy body and optimal results.

Online Coach

Online coaching packages are now available including: FAT INCINERATOR and FAT LOSS SYSTEM programs. Each program comes complete with a FREE Optimized Wellness E-book and Meal Plan.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Optimized Humans is partnered with national BHRT clinics to provide services of cellular rejuvenation, hormone balance, and lifestyle enhancement.

Live Cell Analysis

Our goal is to enhance your daily well-being. A key factor to this is vitamins and supplements. Lifestyle enhancement is putting everything together into a formula that optimizes your cellular levels to live better. Live cell analysis will do just that! It gives a deep insight on the vitamins and minerals you are deficient in.


When you go through a lifestyle enhancement, a key component of the body becomes more youthful, creative, energetic, and focused; the mind. Fuel your body and life the right way and your mind will thank you for it!

Meal Planning

Each plan includes tips and recipes for following a flexible diet plan.



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